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Aug 21, 2008 Hi Steven. Thank u for your reply. This is a little bit different from what i am looking for. This will create a calendar control when any row is edited and then it is possible to capture the date selected in the event I would like a calendar to appear if the empty text box is clicked dynamically.Apr 07, 2004 I have a Calendar control in a Templatefield in a DetailsView. For some reason, the Selected date won't save to my DB. What am I doing wrong? Here is my Source code. asp etailsView DataKeyNames infoid detailsview templatefield calendar

I can access the calendar control inside the Gridview Footer Template. But it's not so easy to do the same thing in the EditItem Template. Can anybody suggest how to do this? I am using 3 controls in the EditItem Template: Calendar, ImageButton, TextBox as well as the Footer Template.

Jul 09, 2008  I have DetailsView and it displays all the data from the DB but everything not enabled, until the user selects EDIT then everything changes to be enabled. Anyway that works fine, so However, in the long list of events fired by the DetailsView control, there s one that you can leverage to implement a little piece of logic to set default input values. The ItemCreated Event. The DetailsView control exposes several events that enable the developerdetailsview templatefield calendar Hi, I am trying to use a calendar in the detailsview to edit and update a field. However I am running into a couple of problems. 1) The control does not update the records when in update mode. Cade

Detailsview templatefield calendar free

Jan 30, 2007 I have a detailsview on my page whose default mode is insert. I also have a calendar control on the page. In my detailsview InsertItem template field, i have a textbox whose text property i want to set to the SelectedDate on my calendar. detailsview templatefield calendar

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