Vehicle details by number in india

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Search Vehicle Registration Details by Vehicle Number. The RTO Database covers all the States and Union Territories in India. Any vehicle, any place, get the RTO details such as Vehicle Registration State, RTO Address, Phone Number and Email, right here!Know your RC Status, Search the RTO VAHAN vehicle registration detailsinfo and owner detailsinfo and more with just the license number for free. vehicle details by number in india

The first two characters of the vehicle number denote the state or union territory in India to which the vehicle belongs. In case of armydefense department owned vehicles the the vehicle identification number is prefixed with an upward pointing arrow sign followed by numbers.

Vehicle Identification Number (also called VINs and in India its referred as Chasis) is an important piece of information for identifying the exact car you have and the engine that was put into it when it was built. Before you buy new or used car, make sure verify the car details using VIN number Aug 19, 2016  Vehicle Registration details were not disclosed to public some years ago. Now, Ministry of Road Transport& Highways allow you to easily search vehicle details by registration number. It doesnt matter where you stay in India, you can search the vehicle registration details quickly within few seconds.vehicle details by number in india May 13, 2017 Tracing Owner Name from Car Registration Number. Vehicle Owner Name and Vehicle Details: You can trace in Owner Name, Vehicle Registered in RTO with Fitness Certificate Expiry Date of Vehicle. Have to send SMS in Format: VAHANSPACEVEHICLE NUMBER to. For Instance if vehicle registration number is DL6CA0001 then send sms as: VAHAN DL6CA001 and sms to.

Vehicle details by number in india free

Trace Vehicle Number. Want to check registration details of a car, bike or any vehicle? Need to trace owner of a vehicle by registration number? Here is a free service that lets you know instantaneously details of an Indian vehicle. Just enter number plate details of any vehicle vehicle details by number in india Vehicle Registration Details In India. After the state code, the next two numbers denote the code of the RTO (Regional Transport Office) where the vehicle has been registered. The next four numbers in your number plate are is the registration number assigned to you. This number always ranges from 0001 to 9999. Mar 16, 2016 How to know Complete Details of Any Vehicle by its Number in India Find NAME, ADDRESS and every other detail of the vehicle and its owner, just by entering its NUMBER PLATE details. Terms Of Uses The content on this portal is meant for sharing information regarding vehicles on the basis of information available on centralized VAHAN and vehicle National Register. Using content of this portal for any commercial purpose or any derivative work or misuse of any kind is strictly prohibited and may invite legal consequences. Sounds illegal to me. That info is just for government use.

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