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Mar 21, 2017 Trains 421 and 422 are only two cars (one sleeper, one coach) that moved from Train 21 to Train 1 (421) and Train 2 to Train 22 (422). This takes place in San Antonio. The cars (one coach, one sleeper) are typically, but not always, at the rear of the train.Feb 19, 2018 This video is about our amtrak journey from LA to Tucson on the Sunset Limited Texas Eagle Amtrak Line. This vlog is perfect for all Amtrak Fans, or people looking to see what its like to travel 421 texas eagle train

The westbound Texas Eagle joins with the westbound Sunset Limited in San Antonio and continues to Los Angeles, California; the eastbound Texas Eagle splits in San Antonio for the journey to Chicago2, 728 miles (4, 390 km) total. Prior to 1988, the train was known as the Eagle.

You're traveling on board Amtrak's Superliner train the Texas Eagle. On this route, you'll be traveling between Chicago, the home of the 110story Sears Tower the world's tallest skyscraper; and San Antonio, the home of the Alamo by way of St. Louis, The Gateway to the West, and the sunbelt states of Arkansas and Texas. What is the difference between 421 Texas Eagle and 1 Sunset Limited trains? (or locomotive or whatever they call the equipment that powers the train. At San Antonio there is a split, if you421 texas eagle train 43 rows  Schedules. Texas Eagle Heartland Flyer Sunset Limited Mo. River Runner Connecting

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Services on the Texas Eagle include Superliner Sleeping Car accommodations, a Dining Car serving fresh complete meals and spectacular views from our renowned Sightseer Lounge. Passengers traveling on trains 421 and 422 to and from points between Chicago and Los Angeles will experience a layover in San Antonio, TX, ranging from 2 to 5 hours in order to accommodate train coupling operations. 421 texas eagle train Jul 09, 2008 The train numbers are the virtual train with cars that runthrough tofrom Los Angeles. This means the passengers don't have to change trains the cars they are occupying are switched to the other train, in this case the Sunset Limited. Jackal's description of the fares and why the prices are different is accurate. In a few weeks, I am helping some relative move from Austin to San Antonio. I'm driving the moving truck for them on a Friday, then I'm going to hang out with some friends on Saturday, so I will need a ride back to Austin on Sunday. So, I thought about riding the Texas Eagle. Back in the late 70

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